Jeremy Vandermeij

That’s So Gay Poster

This has to be my favourite of all of the Gladstone’s self produced exhibitions. The title is engaging and controversial and so is the show. The second installment was curated again by Sholem Kishtalka and produced by Director of Exhibitions Britt Welter-Nolan and myself.

This That’s So Gay 2011 poster was easy. We used the same wordmark and fonts as last year, but instead of a gradient background we had this awesome high resolution photo of FASTWÜRMS’ Unicorn Tip to work with. I photoshopped the image to make it work for portrait and then just worked in all the copy. Just so you know, Unicorn Tip was an installation that filled an entire room. The unicorn tip is about six feet tall.

Check out last year’s artwork below for comparison. And click here for photos of the documented work from this year’s exhibition.

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