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Test Shots from Allie Hughes Photoshoot

Since originally posting this, I found these videos of the shoot after sorting through some old photos. Enjoy!

 Rainbow Barf -- Photographer: Agata Piskunowicz

For my inaugural blog post I wanted to share something old, but unseen.  These are some behind the scenes shots from the Alllie Hughes personal branding project. I worked with the amazing and talented photographer Agata Piskunowicz for this project.  Agata and I came up with the concept together and then shot the entire thing in one day with the help of many friends.  It was basically a craft day where we went buck-nutty with balloons and costumes. Fun.
Big thanks to all the friends who helped on the day of the shoot: Katherine Ngui, Parimal Gosai, Robert Kingsbury, James Gauvreau and Anna Pantchev.
Testing a balloon mask.
Robert will hypnotize you with his head-dress.
Headidress magic.
If Allie and Jeremy were married.
Fun at the end.
Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of the pics.

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