Jeremy Vandermeij

Gladstone Artist Designed Room Video Project

Within my first couple months of working as Creative Director at the Gladstone I came up with the idea for the Artist Designed Room Video Project.  The idea was to enhance the web experience of people who were browsing our rooms so that we could increase the amount reservations. Since launching the videos in the Fall we have seen significant increases in reservations.

Each video is directed by Brad Dent, with production by Jen Markowitz and overall creative direction by me. Because Jen is in the kick-ass local band Dance Yourself to Death we were able to get all the music donated by local indie and electro artists.  The videos interview each artist or group of artists in their respective rooms (designers, craftspeople and architects are included under that general title) and feature shots of details.  We learned a lot from these videos. Some artists even revealed design rationale we hadn’t heard before, so it even helped to train our staff.

My favourite video is the one above of maximalist artist Allyson Mitchell who designed the Faux Naturelle Room.

You can check out all the completed videos here.

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