Jeremy Vandermeij

Public Displays Of Affection

Co-Founder & Partner | 2009-present

Early in 2009 I co-founded PDA with Katherine Ngui, Parimal Gosai and Adam Harris.  PDA is a grassroots organization with the intention of engaging 100% of our local community in socio-sustainable design projects.  To learn more about PDA, our current projects and the work you see below, please visit our website.

Dwell Thesis


Designer | 2005

In 2005, for my graduating thesis project I conceived of a deployable biodegradable disaster relief shelter for Sumatran tsunami survivors. The format was an eleven foot long narrative poster.

Roundabout Studio Inc.


Designer | 2006-2009

From 2006, I worked as a designer at Roundabout Studio Inc. a local interior design and architecture firm.  I was  involved in all phases of the design process and projects ranging from residential, to health care, to hospitality. I was also responsible for all renderings and marketing material.