Jeremy Vandermeij

Crappy Hour



I designed these 8.5″x17″ posters for the Gladstone Hotel, where I am the Creative Director.

Crappy Hour is a new Tuesday night event with the tagline “Did you hate your boss? Was the subway delayed AGAIN on your morning commute? Join us at the Gladstone Hotel every Tuesday night for Crappy Hour — half priced apps and beer, cocktail and wine specials. We’ll provide the open mic, if you’ll provide us with a rant. Let it all out because hey, it’s not quite Humpday.”

I Got You Babe Poster


I designed these 8.5″x17″ posters for the Crush Project created by the amazing performer, promoter and event planner Kaleb Robertson.

I Can’t Keep All of Your Secrets


I designed these 8.5″x17″ posters for the Crush Project created by the amazing performer, promoter and event planner Kaleb Robertson.

Neighbourhood Map

Working with Graphic Design Akbar Ahmad, I art directed these 8.5″x11″ Neighbourhood Maps for the Gladstone Hotel, where I’m the Creative Director.  The maps will be used by the front desk staff to direct hotel guests to hotspots in the west end of Toronto.

Sales Kit


I designed these 11″x17″ Sales Kits for our Sales Team for the Gladstone Hotel, where I am the Creative Director.  The kits are hook print and digital material for clients who are interested in renting venue space or making corporate bookings.  The front side has all the venue information and the opposing side has a poster of an installation from one of our self produced shows, UpArt.

Not So Soft – Poster


I designed these 8.5″ x 17″ posters for Kaleb Robertson over at the Crush Project.  I’m in love with this size of poster for street postering because they are scaled perfectly for Toronto’s hydro poles.

Holiday Discount


Working as the Creative Director with graphic designer Akbar Ahmad, we designed these nifty holiday discount postcards for the Gladstone Hotel.  A portion of each room sold goes towards The Stop Community Food Centre.

Toronto Design Offsite Website



Just finished up deploying the new Toronto Design Offsite festival website.  I Co-founded and Co-produce the festival with Deborah Wang. Deborah and I curated Come Up To My Room for 3 years together.

Toronto Design Offsite is an exhibition and event based design festival happening during Toronto design week from January 23-29, 2012. We are now accepting applications for exhibitions and events throughout the city. To register go here.

All Hail the Queen


Designed these business card sized hand-outs for the Crush Project created the amazing performer, promoter and event planner Kaleb Robertson.

DX Salon Night Cartoon by Raylene Knutson of the Toronto Standard

This is original content from the amazing the Toronto Standard click here to see the original post. The awesome comic drawn by Raylene Knutson depicts Paddy Harington and I in conversation at the DX Salon Night last night.  Paddy Harrington is the Executive Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design.


Speaking at DX Salon Night

I had the pleasure of being asked to kick-off a new Salon night at the Design Exchange on Oct 18, from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  The new night will feature a salon style interview, where one designer interviews another of their choosing.  I’ll be interviewing Paddy Harringon, the Executive Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design Toronto. I chose Paddy because I love Bruce Mau Design and I’m curious to find out what a Creative Director does at a firm like this, as compared to say the Creative Director for a popular local art hotel.

More info below from the DX Blog:

Salon Night

Oct 1, 2011 2:31 PM
Noa Bronstein – Professional Development

DX Salon Night – In Conversation

October 18, 2011 – 6.30 – 7.30 pm*

Interviewer – Jeremy Vandermeij

Jeremy is the Creative Director at the Gladstone Hotel. He is also the Communications Coordinator at The Institute Without Boundaries, instructor at Ryerson University, Co-Founder and Director of Communications at Toronto Design Offsite design festival and is a Found- ing Partner of the grassroots socio- green design organization Public Displays of Affection. Jeremy has worked as a designer for 10 years in communications, architecture and interior design, and has been art-making since he was old enough to negotiate tools. He curated Come Up To My Room for three years, worked for Roundabout Studio Inc, ALSOP Architects, Design Exchange and has been a guest speaker at various institutions and events throughout Toronto.

Interviewee – Paddy Harrington

Paddy is the Executive Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design, a member of the MDC network of partners, in Toronto. He has studied literature and architecture and has worked in research, architecture, advertising, and design. His clients have included The NY Jets and Giants, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, the Holy City of Mecca, Li-Ning, and the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland. He is
an award-winning writer and filmmaker and has spoken at several design conferences as well as at Brown, Harvard, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He is a regular contributor to FastCoDesign.


For more information contact Noa Bronstein at

New Hotel Room Key Cards



New room key cards for our Hotel guests at the Gladstone.  Of course my favourite is the one on the far right that reads, “For a good time call 416 531 4635. Love G”. The number is our reservations line.

CDID 100 Rendering Tutorial

I am an instructor at Ryerson University where I teach Interior Design students how to research precedents, render their sketches in Photoshop and to present their ideas orally with visual aids.

This screencast tutorial covers rendering sketches in Photoshop CS4.

CDID 100 Screencast Tutorial from Jeremy Vandermeij on Vimeo.

Harvest Wednesdays



To be honest I didn’t have much time to dedicate to this. I just built it up again from last year’s visual language. Harvest Wednesdays is an event where we celebrate the Gladstone’s food philosophy: local, sustainable and fresh food.

Check out last year’s below for comparison.


Gladstone Artist Designed Room Video Project

Within my first couple months of working as Creative Director at the Gladstone I came up with the idea for the Artist Designed Room Video Project.  The idea was to enhance the web experience of people who were browsing our rooms so that we could increase the amount reservations. Since launching the videos in the Fall we have seen significant increases in reservations.

Each video is directed by Brad Dent, with production by Jen Markowitz and overall creative direction by me. Because Jen is in the kick-ass local band Dance Yourself to Death we were able to get all the music donated by local indie and electro artists.  The videos interview each artist or group of artists in their respective rooms (designers, craftspeople and architects are included under that general title) and feature shots of details.  We learned a lot from these videos. Some artists even revealed design rationale we hadn’t heard before, so it even helped to train our staff.

My favourite video is the one above of maximalist artist Allyson Mitchell who designed the Faux Naturelle Room.

You can check out all the completed videos here.

Come Up To My Room 2011

I’m sad to say 2011 was my last year curating Come Up To My Room (CUTMR).  The show was tons of fun and amazing for enahancing my creative energy and confidence. I wanted to take the time to thank Christina Zeidler co-founder of the show and owner of the Gladstone Hotel for selecting me to curate back in 2009.

I also wanted to thank Deborah Wang whom co-curated with for the last 3 years.

For those of you who do not know CUTMR is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative design event that coincides with the Interior Design Show.  It features over 40 designers and their site specific installations on the 2nd Floor Gallery of the hotel.  For my first show in 2009 I was responsible for co-curating the show. In 2010 I both co-curated, led the redesign of the CUTMR identity (which subsequently landed me the job as Creative Director) and produced the show.  Finally in 2011, I co-curated, assisted in production and designed all the graphics.

Thanks again to the whole CUTMR family for making it such a phenomenal experience!

This year the participants took the show to a whole new level.  To see all the amazing work click on the thumbnails below.

That’s So Gay Poster

This has to be my favourite of all of the Gladstone’s self produced exhibitions. The title is engaging and controversial and so is the show. The second installment was curated again by Sholem Kishtalka and produced by Director of Exhibitions Britt Welter-Nolan and myself.

This That’s So Gay 2011 poster was easy. We used the same wordmark and fonts as last year, but instead of a gradient background we had this awesome high resolution photo of FASTWÜRMS’ Unicorn Tip to work with. I photoshopped the image to make it work for portrait and then just worked in all the copy. Just so you know, Unicorn Tip was an installation that filled an entire room. The unicorn tip is about six feet tall.

Check out last year’s artwork below for comparison. And click here for photos of the documented work from this year’s exhibition.

Zoom Media Campaign


This is a poster series I designed for a print campaign currently running in Montreal with Zoom Media.  Print is something that we don’t really do very often, because of the advertising high prices. We’re really putting most of our energy towards digital and social media.

This is a general advertisement for the hotel. We’re trying to get right to the point with the copy. Its challenging because we have a lot of services at the Gladstone: venue, exhibition space, dining, hotel, events and live music.

Completed as Creative Director for the Gladstone Hotel.  If anyone speaks french I would love to hear if Zoom’s translation works out.


UpArt Posters


I’m going to be posting almost everything I produce as a designer.  So here is the first, this is a series of posters I designed for upArt at the Gladstone (where I’m Creative Director). upArt is the Gladstone’s response to the Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF). I hesitate to use the word, since its been over-used, but you would call it the alternative to TIAF, much like Come Up To My Room is the alternative to the Interior Design show. upArt brings together artists, curators, collectives, and galleries to transform the hotel with site-specific installations produced for this event.

The posters will be the artwork used to promote this year’s show. You should see the posters in the streets of Toronto closer to end of October 2011.

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Test Shots from Allie Hughes Photoshoot

Since originally posting this, I found these videos of the shoot after sorting through some old photos. Enjoy!

 Rainbow Barf -- Photographer: Agata Piskunowicz

For my inaugural blog post I wanted to share something old, but unseen.  These are some behind the scenes shots from the Alllie Hughes personal branding project. I worked with the amazing and talented photographer Agata Piskunowicz for this project.  Agata and I came up with the concept together and then shot the entire thing in one day with the help of many friends.  It was basically a craft day where we went buck-nutty with balloons and costumes. Fun.
Big thanks to all the friends who helped on the day of the shoot: Katherine Ngui, Parimal Gosai, Robert Kingsbury, James Gauvreau and Anna Pantchev.
Testing a balloon mask.
Robert will hypnotize you with his head-dress.
Headidress magic.
If Allie and Jeremy were married.
Fun at the end.
Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of the pics.